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H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series
H-310A Easy Series

H-310A Easy Series

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Hurom H-310A is another milestone in cold press juicing. It brings max-convenience with its widest inlet (114mm) in the segment. Now enjoy homemade delicious juices, smoothies, sorbets or even nut milks all with our latest H310A Easy Series. Featuring the latest technology of one filter for all your tasty recipes.

County of origin - South Korea


114mm of inlet for effortless juicing with whole fruits

Hurom H-310A gives you the convenience to insert whole fruits all at once, so you don’t need to be there to insert fruits again & again.

37-43 rpm to preserve maximum yields

Hurom has developed and patented the best RPM for its world-class cold press juicers to preserve best yields and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

All-in-one Strainers

Make juice, smoothie, sorbet or any kind of nut milk at home with all-in-one strainer. It solves the problem of replacing the filter every time you make different recipe.

Simple & quick cleaning plus easy assembly

H-310A is not just easy to assemble and operate but the cleaning of the appliance is super easy. You just need to wash 3 parts under the running tap water.

Smart Juicing Processor – H310A

Even if ingredients with minimal prep time are inserted, automatically chops them and extracts the juice.

10 Years Motor Warranty & 2 Years on Spare Parts

Care plays an important role for products like H-310A Series and Hurom offering longest 10 years warranty on its powerful motor

Your own colors, your own edge

Personalized colors that stimulate one's senses trendy and diverse colors are applied to widen the selection to tailor to any kitchen space and preferences.

All-in-One Multi Screw

All-in-one with no replacement of parts!
It is possible to juice from soft or hard fruits/vegetables to ice cream with one multi-screw combined with a filter and screw.

The slimmer size, A wider kitchen space

More minimal and compact product size allows it to be freely placed anywhere in the kitchen. The process of preparation and juicing has been simplified, freeing up your kitchen space.

The size that you can grab with one hand

It applies the diameter of a compact product that can be held in one hand and a palm-sized structure that can be turned and opened easily, which enables easy use.

Hopper cover that opens easily

The hopper cover made of an intuitive and convenient structure can be easily opened and closed anytime. If the cover is opened during extraction, it automatically stops the peration for safety.

Only essential components to less Waste

An environment-friendly value or lifestyle that aims to prevent environmental pollution and protect nature by reducing the amount of emission of wastes.

Not only juice or nut milk, but even ice cream!

Ice cream is easily made by freezing fruit and milk and putting it in H310A.
Enjoy homemade ice cream using a variety of healthy ingredients of your choice.

3 Features of H310A compared to competitor's top-end model

1. H310A's inlet is wider
Competitor's model: 82mm
H310A: 114mm

2. H310A is quieter
Competitor's model: 60dB
H310A: 45dB

3. All-in-one (3 in 1) filter
Competitor's model: 3 types of filters, separate screw
H310A: All-in-one (screw + all types of filters)

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Hurom H-310A Series

  • 114 mm Hopper

    114 mm big hopper inlet to insert whole fruits all at once give you convenience to prep juice on the go.

  • all-in-one Auger-Strainer Setup

    With the new Hurom technolgy one strainer is enough for juices, smoothies and sorbets from any ingredients.

  • 37-43 rotations per minute

    Lowest RPM, highest nutrients from the juicer. Hurom technolgy ensure to squeeze highly nutritious juice.

  • Slim, easy assembly and convenient

    Light to handle, light on your pocket. Hurom H310A is best value for money cold press juicer in market.

Technology Hurom all-in-one Juicing
Model H-310A
Rotation Speed (Squeezing Screw) 37-43 rpm
Bowl Capacity 350 ml
Power Consumption 100 Watts
Voltage 220-240 V A/C
Weight 3.4 Kgs
Material Auger – PEI (Ultem Plastic)
Strainer - Ultem Plastic
Chamber - Tritan Plastic
Mixing Bar – POM, STS304
Body - ABS
Hopper – ABS
Dimensions 17.2 (W)x 16 (D) x 39.5 (H) cm
Cord length 1.4 M
Standard usage time Less than 30 minutes continuously
In the Box Juicer unit, Chamber, 1 Stainer for juice, smoothie, sorbet, Cleaning Brushes, Hopper, Multi-screw, Juice Container, Recipe Book
Availability In Stock
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