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Why Hurom

A large amount of nutrients from
Fruits and vegetables in one simple glass

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Slowly rotating alive nutrients

Hurom is not the heat generated in the process of making juice because of the slow rotating screw 43 for 1 minute and slowly squeeze cycle indicates capture the live nutrition of vegetables, fruit intact.

High Speed Juicer
High Speed Juicer
Hurom Juicer
Hurom Juicer

Air do not mix, Keep its freshness

Hurom's technology is inspired by the traditional hand squeezer method and rotate slowly at 43 resolutions per minute,
as well as help blend a variety of vegetables and fruits, to minimize air flow acts to slow down the oxidation
keeping the freshness of the juice.

High Speed Juicer Hurom Juicer
How Hurom can help you live better?
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How Hurom can help you live better?


What do you love in your juice? Do you like sweet and savory fruits like
apples and oranges? Or crisp leafy greens like kale and spinach? How about refreshing almond milk? With a Hurom juicer,
you can confidently pick and choose from a wide range of ingredients.

  • Fruits Fruits
  • Fruits Vegetables
  • Fruits Nuts & Seeds
  • Fruits Herbs & Spices
Easy to use & Clean
Easy to use & Clean

Easy to use & Clean

Our customers love using their Hurom juicers everyday. It's because we know that the best juice is also one that's convenient to make. Our technology has been designed to be surprisingly easy to assemble and clean.

1 Million + Happy Customers
1 Million + Happy Customers

10 Million + Happy Customers

Over ten million customers in more than 85 countries make juice with Hurom juicer, making Hurom the global leader. Don't miss out!

Juice Safely
Juice Safely

Juice Safely

We go to great lenghts to ensure that our products are safe. That's why Hurom juicers are 100% BPA free and come without any blades or sharp parts, making it safe for children to use. We also designed our juicers with narrow hoppers, so that even the smallest hands can't fit inside.

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