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Warranty Information

Warranty Information:

Hurom Slow Juicer is warranted by Hurom India Private Limited to be free from defects in material construction and workmanship.

The motor has a 10-year warranty and other parts have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase (applies to all models except the HE-Series / Commercial model, since it is 5 years for the motor and 1 year for the spare parts, Commercial model has 1 year full unit warranty).

Warranty Terms

Warranty is valid in India territories only.

Proof of Purchase is a Pre-Requisite to claim warranty. The proof-of-purchase (e.g. original invoice or cash receipt) indicating the date of purchase, dealer name and model number of the product.

Please check the warranty before you call it is a very important step, because you might still have a chance to get your appliance fixed or replaced at no cost. You will void the warranty if you attempt any repairs while the product is still covered. Not only will you have to spend the money out of your own pocket, but you won't be able to use warranty if the appliance breaks again after your attempted fix.

Free Demo of the product can be availed only once & within one month from the date of purchase.

To lodge a Complaint

We take our customer service seriously and want to hear about any problems that you may have had or the level of service you have been provided.

  1. Simply contact our support team (Toll Free 1800-833-7521 or register complaint) and provide your purchase details along with a quick description of the fault.
  2. Our support team will provide troubleshooting and determine whether the product will need to be returned for assessment. If the product does need to be returned to us under warranty, we will arrange service for you.
  3. Once we receive the product, our experienced technicians will assess the unit and resolve the situation as provided details to you.

Warranty not covered

  • Without invoice or bill receipt machine will not covered in warranty.
  • The Goods must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This warranty will not apply should the defect in or failure of the Goods be due to misuse, abuse, accident or non-observance of manufacturer's instructions on the part of the user. As far as the law permits, the manufacturer does not accept liability for any direct or consequential loss, damage or other expense caused by or arising out of any failure to use the Goods in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Some models are designed for domestic use only and if used in commercial environment said warranty get void. The condition "Domestic use only" is written on the machine box.
  • This warranty is immediately void if: Any serial number of appliance plate is removed or defaced.
  • Warranty does not cover natural wear & tear, damage through misuse/neglect (including failure to maintain, clean, service or use with proper care).
  • The goods have been serviced or otherwise repaired by a person not authorized to do so by us or where non approved replaced parts are used.
  • Use for a purpose for which the product was not intended, sold or designed.
  • Damage through exposure to chemicals (Including dishwasher cleaning products), dusts, residues, excessive voltage, heat, atmospheric conditions or other forces.

Without warranty

Is your machine not in warranty? Don't worry we are here to provide you best services.

Without warranty you have to pay the service charges and part cost if defected. Download the part list by click here in .pdf format

S.No Model Part Name Part Code Unit Price
(Without TAX)
1 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, HH700 Auger AU001 3,516
2 HH Elite, HL, HN, HF, HT Auger AU002 4,043
3 HB200 Body Lock BDLHB01 99
4 HL Series Body Lock BLHL02 131
5 HN Series HN Black Body Part HNBB16 1,445
6 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, HH700 Bowl Packing BWLP001 44
7 HH Elite, HL, HN, HF, HT Bowl Packing BWLP002 44
8 HA, HB 200 Coarse Strainer CSHA101 966
9 HE-DBC09 Coarse Strainer CRSHE01 1,318
10 HH Elite, HL, HN, HF, HT Coarse Strainer CRST002 1,494
11 HH Elite, HL, HN, HF, HT Control lever PCL002 362
12 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, HH700 Extraction packing EXNP00 44
13 HA, HB200 Fine Strainer FNSHA103 2,021
14 HE-DBC09 Fine Strainer FNSHE01 2,373
15 HH700 Fine Strainer FNSHH01 2,373
16 HH Elite, HL, HN, HT, HF Series Fine Strainer FNST0002 2,548
17 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, HH700 Flower Gear FLG01 44
18 HA Series Hopper HPRHA023 879
19 HE Series Hopper HPRHE025 879
20 HH Elite, HL, HF Series Hopper HPRS022 1,035
21 HT Series Hopper HPRHT03 1,191
22 HN Series Hopper HPRHN021 1,035
23 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09 Juice Cap JCP0001 158
24 HH700, HH Elite, HL, HN Juice Cap JCP0002 158
25 HT Series, HF Series Juice Cap JCPHT03 246
26 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Juice Cap silicon JCPS001 44
27 HA Series Juice Chamber BWLHA01 2,021
28 HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Juice Chamber/Bowl BWL02 2,197
29 HT Series Juice Chamber/Bowl BWLHT03 2,480
30 HB200 Juice Chamber/Bowl BWLHB02 2,021
31 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Juice Jar JJR01 352
32 HH700, HH elite, HL, HF, HN Juice Jar JJR02 439
33 HA Series Motor body Part BHAW11 2,197
34 HH Elite White Motor body Part BHHW08 2,637
35 HL series Motor body Part BHLS05 2,637
36 HN series Motor body Part MTHN16 2,637
37 HT Gold Motor body Part - Gold BHTG07 2,637
38 HB Red Wine Motor body Part - Red Wine BHBR13 2,197
39 HH Elite Red Wine Motor body Part - Red Wine BHHR09 2,637
40 HE-DBC09 Motor body Part - Silver BHES15 2,197
41 HT Silver Motor body Part - Silver BHTS06 2,637
42 HH Elite Silver Motor body Part - Silver BHHS10 2,637
43 HF Silver Motor body Part - Silver BHFS01 2,637
44 ALL PCB PCB01 539
45 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Pulp Jar PJR01 439
46 HH700, HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Pulp Jar PPJ02 439
47 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Spinning Brush Holder SPBH01 220
48 HH700, HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Spinning Brush Holder SPBH02 263
49 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Spinning brush silicon SPB001 66
50 HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Spinning brush silicon SPB002 66
51 HA, HB200, HE-DBC09, Switch Button SW001 297
52 HH700, HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Switch Button SW002 297
53 ALL MODELS Cleaning Brush Big   176
54 ALL MODELS Cleaning Brush Small   114
55 ALL MODELS Power Cord   137
56 HH Elite, HL, HF, HN Series Drum Base   367
57 HB200,HE-DBC09 Drum Base   277
  1. All the prices listed here are the estimated price range excluding tax, the actual quotation may vary. TAX will be applied based on each product and category.

Claiming Warranty

In order to claim under the warranty granted you must:

  • Conduct a basic check of the product i.e. to establish if it is appropriately connected and assembled. It is also a good idea to check the user manual. If the problem persists follow our simple claims process:
  1. Notify us by dialing our Toll-free 1800-833-7521 number or contact us.
  2. Provide and make available the purchase receipt to show that the warranty applies to the product at the date of claim.
  3. The customer must retain proof of purchase (receipt) in order to be eligible to make a Warranty Claim.
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