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Designed using the best in class raw material, our range of Cold Pressed Juicers preserves the nutritional value of the fruit and its taste. The cold pressed juicer are also know for the decent look, durability and offers quality results from the best juicer India, Hurom.


Slow Squeezing Technology (SST)TM

Hurom's leading-edge and patented SSTTM delivers the world's innovative technology to squeeze ingredients more thoroughly, preserving the natural taste and nutrients of ingredients.

The Slow Squeezing Technology that enthralled the world is a technology that minimizes damage to ingredients by squeezing them slowly and steadily, to keep natural taste and nutrition intact.

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How hurom work its magic

You simply put your produce down the hopper and let gravity "self-feed" the auger. The auger has a tooth like cutter at the top which takes a "bite" of your produce and works it down crushing and squeezing...

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Hurom exclusive technology

Leading the world and patented by Hurom SST™ technology preserves the natural taste of fruit and vegetable juices, and the preservation of precious nutrients.

The Honest Nutrition

Hurom technology squeezes ingredients slowly to deliver a pure natural taste,
unlike conventional juicers with high-speed blades.

The Perfect Design

To design Hurom Juicer, we re-examined and refined every element. Achieving its beautiful,
and unique shape. For juicing a wide variety of ingredients

  • Squeeze

    Our exclusive rotating auger compresses and squeezes your favorite natural ingredients into healthy, nutritious juice.

  • Extract

    The gently squeezed juice is filtered through the strainer and into the juice chamber, while the spinning brusheshelp to mix and clean at the same time.

  • Eject

    The separated pulp is packed tightly together and exits at the bottom.

Customised Juice

One glass, endless variety. Mix whatever fruits and vegetables you like for a nutritionally balanced and
easy-to-drink juice. Because you're in control

  • Cooling Air Vent

    The Cooling Air Vent effectively dissipates the heat generated by the rotation of the motor.

  • Juice Cap

    Allows you to mix ingredients within the chamber to fir your personal taste.

  • Safety Sensors

    As part of the juicer’s two-stage safety mechanism, these sensors allow the juicer to be turned on only when the body and chamber have been securely attached.

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