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  • Apple + Cucumber + Spinach Juice View Recipe


    1. Apple Spinach - 290g
    2. Spinach - 290g
    3. Cucumber - 70g

    Apple Cucumber Spinach Juice

    The cucumber's potassium helps with hydration, the apple's dietary fiber promotes digestion, and the spinach's iron helps prevent anemia.


    1. Cut off the ends of the cucumber, remove prickles, and slice into appropriate sizes.
    2. Wash spinach leaves thoroughly, remove the seeds from the apple, and slice.
    3. Put lever on "close." Insert ingredients to extract.
    4. When all of the ingredients have been put in, switch lever to "half-open" position.

    Allow the compressed pulp to be expelled from the drum.

  • Power-up Juice Juice View Recipe


    1. Broccolis - 70g
    2. Oranges - 280g
    3. Celeries - 70g
    4. Lemons - 70g

    Power-up Juice

    1. Chop celeries and broccolis into smaller pieces with about 3-4cm in length.
      Slice peeled oranges and lemons into 4 parts.
    2. Put broccolis, oranges, celeries and lemons into Hurom and juice them.


    The roots of broccolis may be too firm, so they should be chopped into smaller pieces for use.

  • Natural Fruit Ice Bar & Sherbet Dessert View Recipe


    1. Fruit juice
    2. Honey

    Natural Fruit Ice Bar & Sherbet

    1. Extract the fruits which you want in Hurom.
    2. Add honey to less sweet fruits or green vegetable juice.
    3. If you pour the extracted juice in the ice bar container and freeze it, then ice bars are completed.
    4. Freeze the extracted juice in a wide container, and then scratch it with a fork.


    Sherbet is a frozen fruit juice or beverage, and you can adjust texture of sherbet with milk or gelatin.

  • Secret Women Juice View Recipe


    1. Boiled soybeans - 150g
    2. Pomegranates - 190g
    3. Grapes - 150g

    Secret Woman

    1. Soak soy benas in water for about a day and boil; pomegranates and grapes are taken off one by one.
    2. Put pomegranates, boiled soy beans and grapes (in this order) into Hurom and juice.


    The 2 easiest ways to peel a pomegranate

    1. Slice off the top and the bottom of a pomegranate. Score around the sides six times, scrape the rind and remove white skin particles.
    2. Cut a pomegranate in half horizontally and turn the seeds over. With a spoon, tap on the peel to release the seeds.
  • Grape Fruit Pine Juice Juice View Recipe


    1. 1/3 of grapefruit
    2. 1/4 of pineapple

    Grape Fruit Pine

    1. Remove skin of the pineapple and the grapefruit, and cut them in right size.
    2. Make juice with each fruit by using fine strainer.
    3. Pour pineapple juice first in a cup.
    4. Pour grapefruit juice on the pineapple juice cautiously.
  • Banana Milk Beverage View Recipe


    1. Milk 200 ml
    2. Banana 1 pcs

    Banana Milk

    1. Before putting ingredients, make sure to close the juice cap and the lever.
    2. Fill the chamber wi th milk, and operate the machine.
    3. Put the peeled banana and extract it.
    4. Mix all the ingredients until they are well mixed.


    Besides bananas, you can make strawberry milk with strawberry or other various fruit milk according to your preference.

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