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Know how Hurom is the best?

Lowest RPM of juicer

RPM is the most important feature to consider while choosing a cold press juicer and Hurom offers lowest rpm (43 rotations per minute) in all models.

Only slow rotation of a slow juicer extracts highest nutritious juice. Hurom developed Twin-Winged Auger for faster juice extraction & it is ultra-strong made with Ultem material (best material quality in plastic). On the other hand our competitors still providing Single-Wing Auger at higher RPMs which we were used in our 1st generation models back in 2005.

 60-80 rpm, image of Single-Win
Auger from 1st generation
of Hurom

Dual hopper is the right
solution for user convenience

Dual hopper makes "slow juicing convenient" in true sense. Hurom is the oldest company from South Korea to continue manufacturing slow juicers since 1974 and inventor of world’s 1st vertical slow juicer. But yet we keep the chute size in hopper narrow because we want our consumers to cut fruits/vegetables before inserting into juicer to ensure the fruits quality from inside.

Hurom recommend to avoid inserting whole fruits (apple seeds contain cyanide which is harmful for human health).

Also life of appliance is decreased by 55% with whole fruits/vegetables insertion.

Powerful 150 watts AC motor
that generate world’s best

It’s not true if motor has more in power than only it will be better but the power any motor produce is depends on engineering efforts which spent on building it. Hurom has developed a motor which produces enough power by consuming less energy to generate world’s best RPM (rotation per minute).

Control pulp in juice,
you’re in control

During our journey to build the best cold press juicer we’ve learnt a lot about consumer experiences. Control lever is the result one of those experiences. It is an Hurom exclusive technology that helps you to control the amount of pulp in your juice while juicing with variety of ingredients selection.

Control lever is only available in H-AA, H-100 and H-AI series.

Hurom HiddenTag
fixed on every product
to check the genuinity

We want our customers to have quality experience while they using our products and authenticity is the most important thing to ensure the genuine products. We fixed hidden tag on each machine to ensure our customers that they buy original product of Hurom.

Application required to scan the product.

Best in class

We protected our juicers with 02 years warranty on every part of H-AA, H-100 & H-AI models and 10 years motor warranty on all models.

Only genuine
Korean products

All our juicers are proudly manufactured in South Korea and then imported to India once each item qualify specially designed quality test.

Only quality

Hurom uses only the best grade of material to build its juicers.

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