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For Businesses

Hurom HW Commercial Slow Juicer

MRP - 89,900

Inclusive of all taxes

Specifically designed for commercial use, the Hurom HW Series (H22) brings Cold Press Juicing to any small business or commercial operation. Comprising a heavy duty design with twice the chamber capacity, 3 complete top sections, transparent hopper and up to an 14-16 hour of run time, the Hurom HW Series enables any small business to offer their customers Best Cold Pressed Juices and the associated health benefits.

Timeless value Premium metal Stainless Steel

The highest quality is stainless steel used in the HWS model body and can be found in the most hygienic kitchens. Since stainless steel does not rust, it is harmless to the human body and has excellent durability and chemical resistance.

Thus, the design meets the requirements of longer and more frequent product usage for businesses.

1000ML Chamber

A large amount of ingredients can be used to extract juice at once.

When customers order a large quantity of the same menu item,it does not require you to empty the juice repeatedly in a short period of time to improve your productivity.

Hurom Professional

The buttons and outlet were perfectly positioned,considering the convenience of users, caring about user experience with our many years of expertise at the Hurom Juice Café at a store.

At 43 revolutions per minute

With an optimal rotation speed of 43 RPM, it can extract a large amount of ingredients. At 43 rpm, keeps nutrients intact with Hurom’s slow squeezing technology.

100% Real Juice, Hurom Juice.

Functional Design

Space in anyone's kitchen is important, Hurom has listened to their customers and have made improvements to the body of the juicer to make it much more space efficient.

Another great feature of HW professional series and HZ are the LED display, which uses light to indicate the juicers different operations, such as Extract, On/Off, and Reverse.

Our Business Partners

It's a beautifully Engineered Machine. Very much user friendly and reliable. I am using it in my Retail Unit Hello Green. It is giving quality and nutritious juices to my customers making them happy and satisfied.

Amit Asabe
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