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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is slow juicer?

    The name "slow juicer" can be very confusing to some people. The name implies that it is very slow, when in fact its speed at juicing fruit and vegetables is normal. The name slow juicer comes about because of the speed of the motor, which operates at only 43 to 70RPM and only uses 150watt of energy. A traditional centrifugal juicer operates at 1,000-24,000RPM and uses up to 1,500watts of energy. This means that a slow juicer is much more economical to run and provides a real cost saving to the consumer.

  • How does it works?

    The slow juicer uses a screw-like auger that crushes and presses the produce, which preserves more of the phytonutrients, more vitamins and minerals, it means you will have a much healthier juice. Oxidation is also greatly reduced so that a more natural color is retained and the juice does not separate out as it does with other juices.

  • What is the difference between high-speed juicer (blended) and slow juicer?

    A high-speed juicer typically utilize a fast-spinning metal blade that will generates heat while operation, which destroys most of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you're juicing. The heat also oxidizes those nutrients, rendering less nutritious juice than a slow juicer. On the other hand, slow juicer extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don't produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients' nutrients intact.

  • Is a slow juicer the same as a cold press juicer?

    Slow juicer also known as cold press juicer in both method there is no heat is involved in the process of separating the juice from the fruits and vegetables you are juicing. This means you get juice is in its purest form as possible.This retains higher levels of nutrients, and is guaranteed to be fresh.

  • How Hurom is different from its competitors and why should I buy?

    Quality of material : Hurom uses only the highest quality materials.
    Easy usability and safety : Hurom has designed for easy to use.
    History : Since 1974 Hurom has been producing highest quality slow juicers. Hurom is the global leader in slow juicers and are the original creators of the vertical slow juicer.
    Design : Hurom is the only brand which gives to variation in design that will look perfect in any kitchen, from traditional to contemporary to professional.

  • How long will the juice last? Where should I keep it?

    The general shelf life of raw juice will vary, so try to drink juice as soon as possible to avoid lost nutrients it. However, if necessary you can store the juice for 48-72hours. But you need to store your juices in airtight container in refrigerator.

  • How do I place order for Hurom slow juicer?

    Now Hurom is available in almost all platforms online and offline. You may place your order by online or visit a nearest store in your area. For more details on placing order visit store or dial 1800-121-4110.

  • How do I assemble My Hurom slow Juicer?

    1st Generation
    Insert the strainer into the spinning brush, then place the assembled part into the chamber, be sure the white triangle [ ] mark of strainer and the drum [ ] triangle mark should match with each other. Place the auger into the chamber and then place the hopper into the chamber, align hopper front triangle with bowl triangle [open] first and turn it to clockwise until it close so that the hopper triangle is aligned with bowl triangle. Place the hopper arrow mark with the [ open] open. At last put the drum-set into the motor body.

    2nd Generation
    Insert the strainer into the spinning brush, then carefully twist the combined strainer and brush into the drum until you hear a click. Place the auger (screw) into the strainer and twist to fit. There are two depresses on the outer edges of the strainer and spinning brush, where both auger's wings will fit in. Place the hopper on top and twist clockwise until the arrows on the hopper and the body matchup. Make sure the lever is set to "close" before juicing.

  • How do I clean my Juicer?

    When change the taste, just pour the water into the hopper and clean the juicer in between of juicing. Once you have finished juicing, place both hands on the juicer bowl and twist to the right with the top and take it to the sink.

    Place all parts into a sink of water or rinse thoroughly under water. Washing the screen properly is very important because if you leave any excess pulp on the screen the quality of your juice will be lower. It is very easy to clean put the screen under warm water and clean it with the brush provided with the machine.

  • How to clean the stained from Silicon, strainer and spinning Brush.

    Hurom is BPA-free and chemical-free on all attachments, therefore natural dye from food when juicing is perfectly normal. To reduce staining, rinse and clean immediately after each use.

    Dis-assemble the all the part and dip the all spare parts on Luke warm water for 2-3 hour with 2-3 drops of white vinegar, Soak each piece for a few hours and then wash with a brush.

  • Machine is not working.

    Condition 01. This may be due to incorrect placement of the hopper on the base. There is a safety sensor embedded in the hopper that stops the motor from turning if all parts are not aligned correctly. First try to re-align the arrow on top of the hopper will point to the arrow on the base. The motor will only turn on when these arrows are aligned.

  • Un-able to open the drum-set.

    If there are too many ingredients inside your Hurom, the hopper may not open. If this is the case, toggle between the extract and reverse buttons. Switch to the reverse button, and twist open the hopper at the same time.

    Or you can soak the drum set into Luke warm water for 1-2 hour, after that put the drum set onto the motor and press the reverse button 2-3 times and try to open. If this still does not help, do not try to force the hopper open.

  • Juice is leaking from Bowl.

    Check the chamber packing on the center of chamber and silicon wiper on the side of spinning brush are properly inserted in. 

    If they comes off or if you experience juice leakage during squeezing, change chamber packing to see if same phenomenon disappears.

    Call Service center if you lost the extraction seal.

    1. Bowl is not locking properly.
    This may happen because of improper assembly. Please check the all part is it assemble or not? If part is proper assembled and still drum is not locking then may be the lock of bowl has been rubbed. Check the bowl lock which is placed in middle of bowl.

    2. Juice is leaking from Juice cap.
    Juice may leak out if the juice cap silicon is not fitted properly. Please make sure the silicon is locked into place.

    3. Too much pulp is coming out.
    Excess food in the bowl clogging up it depends on the freshness of the fruit. If the fruit is dry and not in season then the amount of juice would be less. Carrots and Beetroot in summer can create more pulp and the strainer or food not cut into small enough pieces. Cut fruits and vegetables, especially fibrous vegetables, into smaller pieces to avoid the fibers wrapping around the screw. Also input food at a slow pace allowing all the pulp to eject before adding more produce.

    4. Juice extraction is very poor.
    Check that the holes in your strainer are clean enough and not blocked. If strainer is blocked than soak the strainer into the Luke warm water 3-4 hours than clean the strainer with the cleaning brush.

    5. I am getting pulp build-up around the auger when juicing, how do I fix this?
    A small amount of pulp build-up around the auger is perfectly normal however you can reduce this by slowing down the rate at which you feed hard product like carrots and beetroot into the hopper, making sure fibrous product like celery is cut into pieces no longer than 5cm, and if you are juicing more than 400ml, make sure you move the pulp lever to the half open position to properly allow for pulp to exit the juicer.

    6. Strainer is broken during juicing.
    If you put hard materials, juice the hard seeds, or push the ingredients with a spoon, chopsticks, etc. and is not covered under warranty

    If you continue to make juices without washing, you will get a lot of pulp inside the drum. Strainer may be damaged due to pressure. - When using as a push rod with other materials without using a pusher, it is necessary to remove the pulp inside the drum and clean it when juice is produced.

    7. There is a squeaking noise when juicing.
    A slight squeaking sound may be caused by friction between the squeezing screw and bowl or food, and is not a cause for concern. Please note that you should not run the juicer without any food.

    8. The unit vibrates.
    Slight vibration is normal and is a sign the motor is working properly. However, severe shaking that causes an imbalance of the unit should be checked for a defective screw.

  • How to use of Control Lever?

    This may be a Hurom juicer feature as I haven't seen this in other vertical juicers. I like that there is this lever that has a few useful functions:
    Closed mode: For general ingredients, the extraction rate is good when you use in close the control lever during operation. When you extract over 400ml at once, please open the control lever every 400ml to emit the pulp. For juicing the fruits with the seed, such as grapes and pomegranates, place the control lever into close and switch into half-closed position when juice begins to come out.

    Half-closed: mode to release the pressure in the chamber for easy opening of the hopper when done juicing. Absence of this lever has caused many problems with other vertical juicers where the hopper gets jammed after juicing.

    Open mode: When detaching and cleaning the chamber, Place the control lever completely in close position for easy and convenient cleaning of the chamber. The older models just have a piece of rubber that is removed by pulling at it, without the handy lever.

  • Motor is noising

    This happen when we juice continuously more than its manual timing, bowl packing get damaged and juice start leaking in very small quantity and slowly it entered into the motor which make bearing bad and it start create lots of noise.

    To avoid this unusual noise always check the bowl packing. If it get damaged replace it time to time. It keeps your juicer noise free.

  • The Motor is not turning on?

    This may be due to incorrect placement of the hopper with the base. If set up correctly, the arrow on top of the hopper will point to the arrow on the base. The motor will only turn on when these arrows are aligned.

    You may have run the motor for over 30 minutes and need to wait up to 10 minute for it to cool down and then start juicing again. Check if anything is clogged in the juicing screw, if motor starts to work again, there is nothing wrong with the motor.

    Still your machine not starting please call our customer support team.

  • How do I use the drying rack?

    Place the drying rack on a flat and stable surface and dry each component as shown below. (If you assemble the drying pole once, it will not be separated again.)

    - Combine the base plate with the column
    - Insert the screw shaft into the left projecting part
    - Insert the screw shaft into the right round part lower the drum lid
    - Place the net and drum upside down on the upper cross.

Still not satisfied, Please write to us
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