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Authorized Retailer Announcement

We at Hurom India Pvt. Ltd committed to maintain reputation of our brand and strongly recommend you to purchase only from our authorized dealers to protect your bond with us.

We’ve noticed some unauthorized retailers are selling our products on amazon.in at discounted prices and spoiling our brand’s image. We’re currently in touch with amazon’s team and trying to short-out things at the earliest but since amazon.in is an open marketplace it will take time to settle.

Here are the list of authorized dealers –

Amazon.in (Online dealer network):

  1. Cloudtail India
  2. Olympia Industries Ltd.

*We are currently not selling our products officially on flipkart.com, snapdeal.com or any other eCommerce site.

Offline authorized dealer network

Check here to find the list of dealers

Note – we unable to entertain our customers availing warranty if product bought from unauthorized retailers other than Cloudtail India, Olympia Industries Ltd on amazon.in and following list of offline dealers w.e.f 01st May, 2018. 

If you wish to know more on this statement, please refer to our customer support number 1800-833-7521 or fill contact form.
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