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Why Hurom?

Hurom Slow Juicer is a mix of technology and science that has made possible to get the highest possible ingredient while juicing a fruit or vegetable. At Hurom, we are continuously brainstorming new ideas to minimize nutrition loss due to heat exposure and oxidation, preserve the freshness of ingredients, and help people discover the rich flavors of nature.

The Slow Speed Juicer rotates at the speed of 43 rotation per minute, which gives an effect of hand extraction for fruits providing maximum nutritious Juice extracted. The Slow Speed Juicer extracting juice using the Slow Squeezing technology is an approach by Hurom to develop a healthy India.

Know how Hurom juicers are different from others.

H-AA Series

Meet the ALPHA Generation of Hurom

The exclusive technology of H-AA gives you maximum satisfaction than any other and rated best available slow juicer in market. From juices to ice creams, it makes everything.


Slow juicer of new generation

  • World’s #1 selling slow juicer

    Trusted by over 10 million customers across the globe made Hurom #1 choice for slow juicer globally

  • Made of highest grade materials

    Quality is everything to Hurom and we are dedicated to use only the best material to make our products

  • Over 45 years of experience

    Hurom is inventing new technologies in slow juicing since 1974

  • Original inventor of slow squeezing technology

    Hurom is first to develop squeezing technology and world’s first vertical slow juicer

  • Worldwide reorganization

    Available in over 85 countries and patent application registered in over 40 countries

  • Perfect for every aspect

    Hurom products are design to fit in every aspect and gives to all round performance every time

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